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Last Week on The Spirit World

I started off the week with a quick review of one of my favorite mixology books, Highballs High Heels.  It’s a fun look at some seriously good cocktails!  I included their recipe for Pomegranate Martini. 
On Monday, Robert gives you the background and recipe for the Japanese Cocktail
On Tuesday, Donavan deviates just a bit and provides a recipe for cooking with beer.  The recipe is for Beer Steamed Mussels and sounds very good! 
On Wednesday, Rosanne gives you the 411 on Slivovitz, and no I did not make that up! 
On Thursday, I suggest you make your Happy Hour at Home a private affair and spend some serious time by the fire, sipping a Beautiful and munching on a yummy Goat Cheese Galette
We finish off the week with an announcement about new Well Fed Blogs and free music from Absolut

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