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WBW #19: When in Rhone…

Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday.  Before I get into my story I need to tell you that I originally was thinking this event was last Wednesday.  This will effect a couple of things with this tasting.   
This month WBW is hosted by Jathan of Wine Expressions.   Jathan chose the Rhone region of France as our focus but he didn’t stop there.  He gave us a bit more of a challenge:

"You’re not limited to white or red, but let’s focus on getting a blend, unless you find a rare varietal on it’s own, that would also make for an interesting review."

He then went on to helpfully link out to a places that explained all the Rhone varietals

Just after reading his post, I received my March issue of Food and Wine which featured an article on Rhone Reds under $16.  Wow!  Perfect timing. 

With my list of varietals and the article from Food and Wine I made my way to Esquin to see what I might be able to find.  I had selected a couple wines from the article that I thought looked particularly good but, alas, they were not to be found. They offered to order them for me  but since I thought I had just four days until my write-up was due I declined.  Had I known I actually had 11 days I may have put my order in.  Oh well, I had selected a couple alternates from the article and they had the Perrin Reserve and it was on sale!  Now there’s a good deal.  In talking with the folks at the shop another wine was recommended which I also purchased and will sample at a later date.  It was not a blend, simply a Syrah – Saint Cosme 2004 Cotes Du Rhone – so it fell outside my guidelines for this tasting. 

The 2003 Perrin Reserve is a combination of 60% Grenache, 20% Mourvèdre, and 20% Syrah.

Now this is where my story is going to start falling apart. :-(  I brought the wine home and a day or so later I had a little tasting.  The next day I started to write-up my post from my notes.  Then I realized that I was ahead of the game, so I stopped and wrote a different post instead.  Yesterday when I started pulling together my materials for this post I realized that I’ve lost my notes!  I cleaned my office up and I have no idea where they are!  On top of that, it just happens there has been a lot of wine tasting going on in the last week or so.  Without my notes I can’t give you any specifics.  I hate that!  Especially because I liked this wine. 

It had a beautiful color – as you can see in the photo – and I remember that I liked it on its own and with whatever food I happened to choose to eat with it. I know that it was full of berry flavor and that it didn’t linger long but it left a subtle impression of those berries on your tongue. It was just a bit spicy.  I liked it because it brought back to mind all the best things about travel in France – good, inexpensive wines; food from the street markets; creating picnics on the fly.  Good taste but not heavy: a wine you could drink in the middle of the day and still have energy to go about the rest of your day. 

So, although I can’t provide too many specifics, I would still recommend this wine.  Especially since it is under $15 and, when on sale, actually about $10!  How great is that? 


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