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Last Week on The Spirit World

Last week on The Spirit World, we started off with a "Tale of Two Tinis", a sort of leftover V-day post.  
On Monday, Robert gave us a recipe for a cocktail that he has created called "The Black Feather".  I had the opportunity to try one at our recent Cocktail Club meeting at Marcus’ Martini Heaven
On Tuesday, Donavan told us what he thought about the addition of "That Slice of Lemon" to wheat beers. 
On Wednesday, Rosanne started our suggestions for Mardis Gras parties.  A couple more articles are planned from now through Tuesday so keep checking in! 
  1. Ronald C permalink
    26-Feb-2006 2:29 pm

    A very impressive balance from "being seated at the table to being finished with the meal".
    Well written, and good summaries. The content of the pics leaves me with wanting more; almost wanting to see an Ipic or podcast of it.
    The pics overall are about 8 out of 10; but still that\’s nothing to complain about. To PROPERLY be able to catch the image of the food one would almost need a mobile studio. You wouldn\’t happen to have a 10k lighting set-up in an extra apron would you? It can also be very difficult to balance dark textured grapes against a very light colored/highly reflective plate.
    Your site has me sold from beginning to end. Could I purchase a franchise from you?
    BTW; ever catch the short lived reality series about the master chef from the UK?

  2. Culinary permalink
    27-Feb-2006 5:43 am

    Thanks, WVKrause!
    Photos are always a little challenging for me unless I am totally on my own.  Either at home for things like Dinner Club or out and about, I try not to impact my friends\’ meals too much.  Which means I work with the light that is there, generally only snap one or maybe two shots and try to make corrections later – but that doesn\’t always work.  Even by myself at home, I may take a bit more time but normally I\’m cooking to eat and the photos and blog get the benefit but I still want to eat while it\’s fresh and warm! 
    It would be fun to have a full lighting setup and to do styling, etc, on the other hand what you see here is a good representation of what you would get if you made it yourself! :-) 
    I don\’t think I saw the series you are referring to – although I do seem to catch a number of Food Network shows….
    ~ B

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