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Dinner at Rover’s


Last Thursday, five friends and I took advantage of the special dinner offered at Rover’s.  The special tasting menu was all from recipes in Thierry Rautureau’s recently released cookbook, "Rover’s: Recipes from Seattle’s Chef in the Hat".   

The menu in the photo is wrinkled as it’s one that I asked for as we were leaving so that I could remember the meal and check out the recipes in the cookbook.  I folded it up to get it inside my handbag to avoid the rain as we were leaving.  Five of us had the "regular" tasting menu and one person ordered the vegetarian version.  At $45 per person this had to have been the best deal in town, hands-down!

The point of this dinner was for diner’s to see that amazing food is within reach of all of us.  As we enjoyed each course we frequently referred to a cookbook that one person had brought along to get autographed.  The ingredients and recipes are often quite simple, although sometimes you need to allow time for certain steps.  The presentation is another story but, as Thierry talked about in a class I took from him, you can easily substitute your own presentation style – the food will be just as amazingly good!   

All courses from both menus were really exceptional.  I can’t really pick a favorite but I will tell you that I’m now inspired to really get cooking from this cookbook.  I feel a dinner party coming on! 

For those of you in Seattle I highly recommend the restaurant.  For those of you outside of the area (and in Seattle, too) I highly recommend that you check out this cookbook.  You’ll be happy you did. 

Rover’s Restaurant
2808 E. Madison



  1. 04-Feb-2006 7:42 pm

    Very interesting.  Definitely putting this on my to-see list.

  2. Culinary permalink
    05-Feb-2006 8:24 am

    Hi BH!
    In both the meals at the restaurant and in the coobook you have a chance to see the work of someone with amazing attention to detail and appreciation for beautiful ingredients lovingly prepared and enhanced.  Either way it\’s a real treat!
    ~ B

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