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Cheese Crackers from E



I met my friend E for coffee this morning.   Well, actually I had tea and he had coffee but that’s beside the point.  Besides that fact that it’s always fun to spend time with E, I was lured with the promise of a gift – a food gift!  I was so excited! 

I arrived at the appointed spot a few minutes early and E showed up a minute or two later – carrying the treasure.  We got our beverages and took up residence at a window table overlooking the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market.   As soon as we sat down E presented me with not one, but two, lovely gifts!  The first was the promised cheese crackers, one type made with blue cheese and the other with cheddar.  The other box was full of pepper cookies, which go by various names in various countries but E’s version was Norwegian which makes them Pepperkaker.  He had decided to make his own version when he found that the bakery he normally buys them from had already sold out for the season. 

We immediately opened the cheese crackers and the Mango Cream Cheese he’d made to accompany them.  I had a crispy, flaky, lovely bite of a blue cheese star and fell in love.  The only thing that kept me from gobbling them all down at that moment was a thought about how great they would be with a glass of wine or perhaps a nice martini!  Although they are so great on their own, they may not last until "happy hour" this evening!  

When I got home I nibbled a little Pepperkaker, too.  Crispy and fragrant with winter spices and pepper, E has another winner on his hands! 

Thank you, E!  I love my gift! 



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  1. Unknown permalink
    29-Dec-2005 6:31 pm

    you\’re welcome! ;-)

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