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Star Cookies

Yesterday I baked up a batch of one of my favorite cookies recipes – Star Cookies.  This recipe is one of my Grandmother’s.  I always remember them as being made with walnuts but my Dad said originally the recipe was made with peanuts.  However, my grandparents had a couple of huge walnut trees and eventually walnuts were incorporated into the recipe. 
The cookies are crispy and chewy.  They are great with a cup of tea or coffee or a hot buttered rum.  I’m always amazed at how my Grandmother made these in the past.  There are 7 cups of finely chopped walnuts – with a food processor that’s a breeze, chopping them by hand would have been a different story! 
I actually talked about these cookies, last year, too so here’s the post and recipe for these cookies
  1. Unknown permalink
    09-Dec-2005 7:13 am

    Hey stranger:Sorry I\’ve been MIA lately, but 2005…what a year!Anyway, your post got me thinking about Grandma-made Christmas cookies. My one grandmother made many different ones, but the one I like best was called (by her, at least) "Thumbprints." They\’re tannish-colored cookies covered with chopped nuts and an indentation in the middle that\’s filled with jelly (or something). My other grandmother ("Nonnie") made pastries called "Pusties"…which are typical of the Utica, NY area. They are a bit like an individual tart filled with chocolate or vanilla custard and topped with another layer of dough. They look like a frilly meat pasty, but, of course, taste nothing like it. Someday I\’ll post the recipe.Sorry…just reminiscing. Thanks for the memories, and have a good Christmas/Hannukah.Sal

  2. Culinary permalink
    10-Dec-2005 7:54 am

    Hi Sal!It\’s good to hear from you. I read your post about blog burn-out so I know you were kind of taking a break! :-) I make a version of Thumbprints, too. Although I seem to always crack the dough when I "print" them, so I\’ve modified the way I make them a bit. There are several versions but mine are peanut butter cookies with chocolate. Yum! I don\’t know pusties so I\’d love it if you\’d share that some time. I\’ll be watching VTB… (like always!). Happy Holidays to you, too! ~ B

  3. Unknown permalink
    05-Feb-2008 7:03 pm

    I really like walnut star cookie (you posted in Dec, 2005
    Your Dad said originally the recipe was made with peanuts. Could you give me originally the recipe which use peanuts to make this cookie?

  4. Culinary permalink
    05-Feb-2008 8:11 pm

    Hi Ellen!  Use that exact same recipe but use 7 cups of unsalted raw peanuts instead of the walnuts.  ;-)

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