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Today I was trying out a new recipe that called for scalded milk.  Now I have scalded milk probably a million times in my life but today, for some reason, I suddenly wondered if I really knew what it meant.  I mean I know what I do but why do I do it? 
I decided to do a quick check to see if I was on target or just repeating something because it’s what I thought was scalding milk.  Of course, I turned to the handy-dandy internet to see what I could find. 
I came across this site: PassionateAboutFood.Net and a nice glossary of cooking techniques.  I soon found that I actually did know how to scald milk.  :-)  In addition to the cooking techniques they have several other interesting sections.  They are based in the UK so some of the information, such as Favorite Wines or Christmas Gifts, are fairly targeted.  A lot of the information though, like the Herbs and Spices information, applies across the world. 
You might want to check it out. 

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