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Two Seattle Happy Hour Guides

You may have heard about the little Happy Hour spreadsheet created by a bunch of friends that suddenly gained infamy via the ease of passing files via email.  For some time now it has been available online.  I’ve watched it over the months and have been impressed with the maintenance on it. 
It’s still basically a spreadsheet broken out by area.  The authors have coded it to reflect their favorites.  It has a lot of good information.  Seattle Happy Hour Guide
This morning I came across a new site also documenting Seattle Happy Hours.  It is set up more as a search service.  Basic search gets you basic information and then each entry has a "more" link that gives you additional detail about the location.
I like the feel of the first site better – more like friends giving you good tips – but I suspect that neither site will be able to keep up with everything in Seattle.  For instance they both still show Axis, which I’ve heard (but not confirmed) has been closed and sold.  By checking out both sites you can probably get a pretty good idea of what’s available. 
Update August 24:  The guy behind SevenNites contacted me and his site is just a labor of love, like so many of these things – check it out and add a review or let him know if you have updated information – I mean one guy can only drink in so many places!  I know that far too well! :-)

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