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Does My Blog Look Good in This?

Another day, another event!  Each month, or so, food and wine bloggers from all over the world submit photos to a chosen host site.  The photos are then judged by a team of five "experts" and given scores.  Much like Iron Chef, each photo is judged in three categories:
  • Aesthetics – How beautiful is the photo?
  • Eatability – Would you want to eat what’s in the photo? (Beautiful or not!)
  • Originality – Is the photo unique or amazing in some way?

Each judge can award up to 10 points in each category, making the highest possible overall score 150 points.  The photo with the top score is the winner and "awards" are also given for each "category" winner.  This is my second entry.  I’m hoping that by thinking more about this contest and looking more closely at the competition, that over time my own photos will improve. 

To see the current list of entries, visit the host, Spittoon.  Each month there are some really beautiful and interesting shots. 

  1. Unknown permalink
    13-Dec-2005 7:40 am

    Bummer, the link is dead.

  2. Culinary permalink
    14-Dec-2005 12:08 pm

    Hi Jim!It might have something to do with the way Andrew\’s site archives but you can see all the photos by going to this page: and then scrolling nearly to the bottom. ~ B

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