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Jazz Alley and Palace Kitchen

One of the places in town I tend to forget about is Jazz Alley.  And that’s a shame because they have great acts at reasonable prices and it’s a nice intimate venue, especially since they moved the stage and positioned it in a more central way. 
To aid my failing memory, I’ve recently subscribed to their weekly updates so that I remember who’s coming when and can actually make some plans!  Last Sunday R and I popped in to see jazz legend and local talent, Diane Schuur.  It was a great show.  She was backed up by Dave Samuels Caribbean Jazz Project.  I was not familiar with them but they turned out to be very talented musicians, too, and the collaboration was really wonderful. 
The one thing Jazz Alley falls a little short on is the food.  It’s okay but it’s never been one of my favorite places.  So prior to the performance we popped into Palace Kitchen which is one of my favorite places!
We decided to go with a couple of appetizers that sounded marvelous:  smooth chicken liver pate, served with huckleberry preserves and rye baguette; and house made sopresatta sausage with wine poached rhubarb and winchester gouda
The sopresatta plate was good, but the rhubarb wasn’t as tasty as I was expecting.  The gouda was really yummy.  I think it may have been their super aged variety.  The taste was very sharp and it was a great contrast to the sopresatta. 
The chicken liver pate plate was outstanding!  The rye bread was on the mild side and when smeared with a hunk of the pate and a bit of the huckleberry it was heaven in your mouth!  The pate was super smooth – almost like butter – I could have just taken a spoon and eaten it straight off the plate.  However, then I would have missed that perfect flavor and texture combination that the bread and berries provided. 
So check out Jazz Alley but on your way take time for a little bite at Palace Kitchen. 



Palace Kitchen
2030 Fifth Ave, on the corner of 5th and Lenora
(206) 448-2001


Jazz Alley
2033 6th Avenue, on the corner of 6th and Lenora
(206) 441 9729



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