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Blooming Onions


Okay, this is not the Outback Steakhouse Blooming Onion! And, in fact it’s not an onion at all but a lily, but since onions are part of the lily family that’s my sneaky way of talking about flowers on a food blog!  :-)

I planted these lilies a couple years ago and last year they were really quite lovely but this year they really took off!  I finally measured them yesterday and they are at 6 feet tall and, as you can see, covered with blooms – they are really quite impressive, if I do say so myself!  These are an Asiatic Hybrid named Rodiso. 




I planted a couple other varieties at the same time and I love them all but one other is especially pretty, I think.  It’s also an Asiatic Hybrid and is named Aphrodite.  It’s not nearly as tall or as prolific but the individual flowers have a slight curl to their petals which gives them a really elegant and beautiful look. 




I love these lilies and they make the yard such a pleasant place at this time of year. 





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