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15th Dinner Club Meeting – Greece Summary


Thursday night was a beautiful night!  We assembled at R’s house at 7:00 pm and decided to take advantage of the evening and her view of Lake Washington by having our appetizers on her front porch. 


This was M2’s second meeting and she is already into the swing of things.  (And she came back – we didn’t scare her off last time!) She had appetizers and cocktails.  She plated two appetizers, Cumin Sticks and Dolmas, and brought out a bottle of Ouzo to be served with a little water over ice.  Before adding water we tried the Ouzo just over ice and decided it was smooth enough to drink on it’s own.  This was a little surprising since all of our past experience with Ouzo had been with a harsher version – obviously we hadn’t been too savvy about picking our brand!  The Dolmas was very good but what we all fell in love with were the Cumin Sticks!  They were savory and covered with cumin seeds – a perfect cocktail accompaniment!


We then moved inside for the next courses, which we had previously decided to serve all at one time.  R was very brave and cooked the lamb on her grill.  After the last cooking club grilling episode at her house she made sure she kept an eye on it all!  And it was a great decision!  The lamb was perfectly grilled; a little crusty on the outside, juicy and pink on the inside.  It didn’t need the sauce but the hint of lemon was a nice contrast.  Yum!  K used an "old family recipe" for her Tzatiki and had warmed the pita just before serving.  I love that wonderful fresh taste.  It always feels so healthy to eat it!  I was happy with my salad, too.  It was also very refreshing and will find its way onto menus at my house this summer.  I used banana peppers, which kept the pepper taste from overwhelming the rest of the flavors.  I soaked the sliced onions in cold water for 15 minutes before adding them to the salad – that takes the bite but leaves the flavor in onions.  Although the recipe calls for 8 oz of cheese, I used about half that and it was plenty!  You can really adjust the amount of each ingredient based on personal tastes. 


To finish off the meal we had M’s Fanouropita, a pie in honor of Saint Fanourios, about whom little is known!  This "pie" turned out much different than expected.  Based on the picture she found with the recipe, this should have been flat, almost like pecan pie.  As you can see, hers turned out more cake-like.  The recipe called for self-rising flour and she used the normal substitute of all purpose flour and baking powder but somehow it turned out very fluffy!  And very good!  It is an olive oil based cake and has that great flavor that the oil brings to the batter. 

We sat around and talked while finishing our cake and wine.  We closed a little on the early side, as this was a "school night".  My fault since I was going to be out of town for my nephew’s graduation the next night.  (By the way I made the Market Stall Tart again, at the request of my sister and it was a hit again!)

One thing we decided at this meeting, though, was to try to meet a little more often.  Maybe it’s because we’ve gotten into a rhythm and the planning isn’t as much work as it used to be, but it seems to be a long time between meetings right now.  So we are going to try to meet every six weeks and see how that goes.  We actually have the next two meetings scheduled already!  I host next time and I’m really excited!  Look for the next write-up in about six weeks!


15th Dinner Club Meeting – Greece Menu & Recipes

  1. Tripp permalink
    23-Jun-2005 11:48 am

    Love the greek food stuff! Keep up the great work!

  2. Culinary permalink
    23-Jun-2005 8:03 pm

    Thanks much, Trippmeister! ~ B

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