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Thai Dragon Pepper


Look at this cute little baby pepper!  When it grows up it will be able to knock your socks off but right now it looks so harmless.  There’s another one, too.  It’s still hidden under the dried bloom just to the right of the first one. 

Last year I grew Cayenne peppers and they were amazingly prolific!  I liked the name of these Thai Dragons, though, and thought I’d try them this year.  With a name like that is there any doubt about how hot they will be? It looks like they are off and running and will produce lots and lots, by the number of blooms I’m seeing.  I also have a Banana Pepper plant (mild) and an Anaheim Chili plant (also hot).  They are both growing well but are just starting to bloom, so no peppers yet. 

  1. PATRICIA permalink
    30-May-2005 3:47 pm

    All the pictures are great. You do the spaces a great service with your blogs! I learn so much ever time I come here and I am always impressed about how much you put into your postings. Thank you for the recipes!

  2. Unknown permalink
    30-May-2005 6:50 pm

    I am a true chile-head and can say that an Anaheim chile is quite mild actually. Thai Dragons have a nice heat, not too hot and the Banana Pepper is very mild. Nice picture of that Thai Dragon. It is also quite prolific as I remember. I am growing about 8 varieties of chiles this year. I am growing jalapenos, Mexican red, Carolina Cayenne (yellow I think), Manzano Rojo, a mystery pepper from Turkey, also one from Mexico and a pepper from Peru. My other 3 kinds didn\’t germinate. I really wanted the Rocoto to germinate and it didn\’t. I never have any luck with those.Anyway, good luck with your Thai Dragons. You will enjoy them. It is an excellent chile.cookchile

  3. Culinary permalink
    31-May-2005 6:54 am

    Jossie: You always make me feel so good about this blog – Thank you ! Cookchilie: You know, I\’m glad you said that about the Anaheims. I had been thinking they were milder but they were marked hot on the tag. Then I thought that maybe I had been confusing them with one of the others. Hmmm… Maybe the tags just distinguished between "hot" versus "sweet". I think I\’ll have to stop by the nursery and check that out. All I know is that I love roasted Anaheims and that\’s why I\’m growing them! :-) ~ B

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