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Two Interesting Sites: Seattle and NY


I came across a couple of sites this morning that you might find interesting. 

A Seattle blog listing all other Seattle blogs… seattleblogs.  More than just a list, there’s an entry about each one and they are categorized so you can check out all Cooking Blogs or all Outdoors Blogs or any of another number of categories. 

In New York, a new website called Cravings has been around a couple months now.  They are currently focusing on chocolate!  It’s a great concept and seems to be well thought out and put together.  (Thanks for the tip, R!)

  1. Unknown permalink
    23-May-2005 3:06 pm

    your space is interesting simply because I love to cook too!

  2. Culinary permalink
    23-May-2005 5:13 pm

    Thanks, Nadine! It\’s nice to hear from people with similar interests! Hope you find some useful info on the site! ~ B

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