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More Baseball Food


Well, I haven’t reported on baseball food for a while so I thought I’d better update you on a few things. 

Kidd Valley
Kidd Valley has been a Seattle establishment for 30 years.  Known for burgers, hand-made shakes and fresh-cut onion rings they are a step up from Dick’s yet more personable than the national chains.  In Safeco Field, they serve a limited menu and the quality is not quite the same but they are reliably consistent.  Depending on how busy they are, burgers may be a bit on the room temperature side (they are cooked prior, frozen and then reheated on demand) or the fries might be a bit soggy but usually things are pretty good.  A few nights ago I had a burger and it hit the spot. 

Dixie’s/Porters Barbeque
Another hometown favorite, Dixie’s and Porter’s Barbeque is a good option at Safeco, especially on those nights when you really need a little something to warm you up.  They offer chicken, pork or beef in their yummy sauce over a hotdog bun.  For a couple extra dollars you can add a hot link.  Chips are included in the cost and, for those daring enough, there is a cup of "The Man" located on the counter.  I actually like the man, but the problem at Safeco is that there’s no way to mix it throughout your sandwich instead you’ll just get one bite that will kill you.  Buyer beware! :-) On Monday I had a pork sandwich and it was the perfect warming, pick-me-up on a slightly chilly night.  Portions are generous. 

Ivar’s Seafood
Of all these local favorites, Ivar’s has been around the longest – since 1938.  With sit-down restaurants and seafood bars, hardly any area of Seattle is without a local outlet.  AND, you can find Ivar’s Clam Chowder in the frozen food section of your local grocery.  At Safeco, they are a little more reliable than Kidd Valley and a little less than Dixie’s.  They serve quite a variety of different fishes and chips, chowder, salmon Caesar salad and a salmon sandwich, as well as other items.  The fried foods are generally pretty decent but when they are really slammed I’ve sometimes found my fries not to be completely crispy- still edible though. :-) Last night I had clams and chips – one of my favorites at the ballpark, as they are easily eaten in your seat.  Everything was still crispy when I got back to my seat, although it had all cooled off – not really their fault it was a cool night – and I know it was warm when I got it, as I’d sampled a few bites on my walk back to my seat.  Portions are generous here, too.

For more information see my first "report". 

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