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GSS: Palace Kitchen


It’s the second day of the Great Seattle Shake and we managed to hit another location!  This stop wasn’t originally planned but when we finished the Yakima Valley Wine Tasting and found ourselves directly across the street from the Palace Kitchen, what else could we do but stop in and check it out? The Palace was definitely on my list of places to get to.  Between this event and the new Happy Hour the Palace was calling my name!  Now, I can’t say the same for R.  Unfortunately, she has experienced a series of bad service experiences here but I was determined that wouldn’t happen again! 

The bar was crowded when we arrived but we did manage to score two seats.  After taking a look at the GSS menu, I decided to try the Citrus Spin (Finlandia lime, grapefruit juice and a float of chambord) and R went with the N.W. 75 (Finlandia cranberry, cranberry juice, float of sparkling wine).  Both of our cocktails were quite lovely! 

For our appetizer we went with the Wood Grilled Chicken Wings and coriander cream.  Now, I find this rather amazing but I had never had chicken wings at the Palace.  I don’t know why – maybe all the other good things have just taken precedence.  So when they arrived I was delighted to see that these weren’t just any old Chicken Wings! Beautifully arranged on the plate were three whole wings.  They were surrounded by the coriander cream.  Now, I am a firm believer in eating chicken wings with your fingers and so it was no problem to grab one of these puppies and pull it apart into more manageable pieces for eating.  I was so busy working on my wing that I didn’t really take time to figure out exactly what I was tasting – and being the resourceful person I am, I figured it would be listed on the menu anyway.  But it’s not.  I want to say these were seasoned with Coriander, maybe?  I’m not sure but they were great!  R and I each finished one and divided the third.  It was all a bit messy but worth every minute of it! 

Fortunately, we were done with the wings when Chris Hedges from Hedges Cellars sat next to us.  He had just finished packing up after the tasting and came over for a quick beer.  I don’t know why but I always think it’s funny when wine people drink beer – it just seems so beneath them! :-) As R and I finished our drinks we talked with him about this CMS change, how the family tradition is being carried on (he’s actively involved with the marketing and has a sister interested in the winemaking), possible changes in the tasting room location, the "bottle your own" event (a fun event they have every November) and other wine and winery topics. 

And so another fun night at the Palace Kitchen concludes.  Our service was good, so R was happy, and we were able to check one more place off our GSS list!

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Palace Kitchen
2030 Fifth Ave, on the corner of 5th and Lenora
(206) 448-2001



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