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U-Dist Farmers’ Market & Glass Eye Sale


This Saturday the U-District Farmers’ Market opens!  I’m so anxious to check it out.  Especially since they normally open on Memorial Day weekend – it will be fun to see what they have this early in the year.  Over the last couple years they’ve added more meats, fish and cheeses to the line-up so I’m sure there will be lots of interesting new (and old) things to see.  Although I love shopping at Pike Place, this is my favorite community market.  Even more than at Pike Place you can get to know the actual people growing your food. 

Here’s a link to the directions, in case you need it.  Unfortunately, their main link is still broken, although I just emailed them about it.  You can get more information about all the Farmers’ Markets here.

Another fun event this Saturday – not exactly food related but "food for the soul", instead – is the Glass Eye sale at their warehouse.  Always a fun treat to pick up some wonderful glass pieces at a fraction of the retail cost! 

Update May 2:  The link has been fixed to the University Farmers’ Market! 


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