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Oregon – Day 3 Itinerary & Travel


Sunday, April 17th, was mostly a travel day, although I did make it a leisurely travel day. And I managed to visit a few more wineries in the Dundee area. 

I had breakfast with my family and then packed up my car and headed north.  My plan was to stay off the main highway until I was near Portland.  The first part of my drive was on the same road I’d come into town on but once I got up to Corvallis I was on a new road – at least new for this trip.  This drive brought back many memories of family outings.  Even when we weren’t going anywhere in particular we would often take Sunday drives.  While not all children are pleased with that type of outing I learned to love them.  There was always the adventure of seeing something new and I was very good at daydreaming and making up other adventures in my mind as I looked out at the scenery rolling by.  So this area was old and new at the same time. 

Once you cross Hwy 22, the main road from Salem to the Lincoln City on the coast, the number of winery signs begins increasing.  I’m going to need to come back down to this area and spend a little time checking out the wineries in this area.  But on this day I was focused on getting back to Dundee.  There were a few places I had on my list to check out and I planned on that second lunch at the Dundee Bistro!

The wineries I visited on Sunday:

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