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A Little Update…


It’s been a little quiet on the old blog for the last few days!  I hope you missed me! :-)  Well, I just got back from a three day, 775 mile little road trip!  It was great!  The original purpose of the trip was to celebrate my Dad’s birthday at my sister’s house outside of Eugene.  I decided to make a little more out of it than just a pedal-to-the-metal shot down I-5.

I visited a bunch of wineries, ate at a few places, sidetracked to the Oregon Coast (because I can never get enough of it) and through Corvallis to visit my alma mater.  Along the way I met a ton of great people and looked into all the mystery of Sub Rosa.  :-) 

Over the next few days I’ll be posting info about the trip – especially the wines/wineries.  I was in the heart of Oregon Pinot Country and my how it has grown! I’ll give you my take on the whole thing starting tomorrow!  Right now I have to unpack and fun stuff like that…

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