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Welcome M2!


In late January, I shared with you that one of our cooking club members, V, had decided she needed to leave the club.  We were all sad: our group had been together for two years.  In those years we’ve shared a lot and become our own little family.  We understood V’s decision but still it was hard. 

The search for a new member commenced.  A few weeks later I got together with several other Seattle Food Bloggers.  Prior to the meeting I had been wondering if one of these people might be a good fit for our group – after all they were interested in food!  I read their blogs trying to get a good sense of who they were.  As you know (especially if you’ve done any online dating!) what someone looks like on "paper" doesn’t always match up with who they are in person.  It’s not necessarily that they are trying to be deceitful but we all interpret information our own way and sometimes we just get it slightly skewed.  So I went to the meeting feeling there might be a couple possibilities but wanting to see in person how they might fit in with our group.

That first blogger meeting was rather chaotic.  There was a rather large group and everyone seemed to be talking at once, at times.  By the end of the meeting I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to one person who I thought might be interested and be a good candidate for our group.  And this was not just about me checking them out, I had wanted to give them the opportunity to check me out and find out more about our club. 

The next couple days I debated about contacting the person and asking her but finally decided to give it a shot.  I was thrilled when she decided to accept!  So on Friday our new member M from joined us for our dinner club meeting.  Since she is the second M in our group, she will be known as M2 in my references. 

We have a good group of people and, although it can be hard to join an established group, I think that M2 fit right in.  (Especially with the Whiskey Bread Pudding she contributed!) For this first meeting she was watchful and thoughtful, trying to get the pulse of the group and understand the members.  I bet that for our next meeting and those that follow she will be right at home as her history with us grows. 

So join me in welcoming M2 to the Table for Six Dinner Club!

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