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BluWater Bistro – Belltown


Last night L, E and I stopped by the new BluWater Belltown Bistro in Belltown.  I think technically they are only calling it the Belltown Bistro since it’s the only location not on the water.  The location formerly occupied by the Belltown Pub, has been renovated and looks much like the interiors of the other BluWater locations.  The menu is also very similar, although I believe each location has it’s own variations which are listed as specials. 

The interior is very cozy with a nice mix of woods, leather and interesting lighting.  There are several booths along the wall.  Smoking is only allowed at the bar, which is nice.  Note that I said, AT the bar, not IN the bar.  Besides the actual bar itself, there is a row of bench seating (technically in the bar) that divides the bar area from the dining area.  Smoking is not allowed along that bench as there are dining tables placed right along side it.  I’m not a smoker and so I appreciate this, however at one point in the evening a large group that had been celebrating a birthday in the upstairs area descended into the bar for a smoke break and we suddenly found ourselves a little overwhelmed by the concentration of smoke in the area.

The bench dividing the bar/dining room is one of those layout things that I understand (you want as many seats as possible) but find awkward – both as a diner and as a cocktailer.  Sitting along the bench you are a little higher than the diners so you are directly looking at their heads with only a few inches separating you.  Think you are having a private conversation?  Think again! As a diner you’d have this feeling that vultures were perching over you.  It wasn’t too crowded last night so it wasn’t an issue but I think it would be a bit uncomfortable on a busy night. 

As all the BluWaters, they have a decent selection of wines by the glass and beers on tap.  The appetizers we chose for "dinner" last night were very nice.  We had sliders – adorable little hamburgers that come three to a plate and served with mustard, ketchup and diced onions; calamari – nothing special but solid; and a really lovely baked Montrachet Chevre on a bed of caramelized, sweet onions served with toasted baguette – one of their monthly specials. 

I think it’s a good, solid choice for a casual dining experience and you may find me back there from time to time.  However, there is nothing to really draw me from my normal seat at the Queen City Grill

BellTown Bistro
2322 First Ave.
4:00 pm – 2:00 am



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