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New Lounge – The Twilight


Last night R and I stopped by a brand new lounge in Belltown.  It was their opening night and they had done a good job of spreading the word – the place was packed. 

The Twilight is on the southwest corner of Western and Blanchard in the lobby area of the triangle shaped building. 

I spoke with the architect and in the next couple months they will be expanding into more of the space on that floor.  A cigar lounge is in the plans (with a super-dooper HVAC system, according to the architect) as well as just more lounge space. 

No comment yet on the merits or lack thereof of the place but the number of fluorescent colored "martinis" leaving the bar versus serious cocktails makes me think this might be one for the 20-something crowd.  Although often lounges like this have a number of personalities – the after work crowd might look totally different than the 10 pm crowd. 

Check it out at your own risk! :-)


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