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Meet the Bloggers – Part 2


Last night was the second Seattle Bloggers get together.  This time we met at Ipanema for cocktails and appetizers.  I had suggested the place based on my first good experience there.  This time, of course, nothing was quite as good.  It’s the Murphy’s law thing, I think.  :-)

Instead of sitting at the bar we were at tables in the bar area.  The bartender had to man both the bar and the tables – never a good thing.  And while he was pretty attentive considering that, the attention to detail just wasn’t there.  I asked for a slice of lime in my drink (not a normal garnish for this particular drink) and the first time got nothing and the second time a maraschino cherry!  Oh well.  I think everyone else’s drinks were okay. 

Some of the meats seemed a little dry (as also reported in some professional reviews) although some was still okay.  I’ll have to try the place again to see what happens next time. 

As for the bloggers, we had a smaller group this time.  A couple people ended up being sick and one had a business trip pop up, unfortunately.  However, the nice thing was that we actually had a better discussion this time.  Most of it centered on how we got into this medium, where we want to go with it and we spent some time talking about technical details, too.  We also talked about the publicity food bloggers have been receiving over the last few months and what we think makes a blog "successful".  Of course not knowing each blogger’s goals that is open to interpretation. 

Anyway, I had a nice time and I have now passed the baton to Accidental Hedonist to organize another meet up for next month!

  1. Stephen Craig permalink
    31-Mar-2005 10:06 am

    Nice space. Please visit my painting studio, am sure you will enjoy the paintings as well as the comments.

  2. 31-Mar-2005 10:23 am

    Which bloggers were in attendance? And how long were you there? I was in traffic on 99 and called the restaurant around 7:04, Amex in hand to send you guys a bottle of red wine (I had called last week to set it up) and they could not find you guys at the area I thought you were to be (the little tables by the stairs as you come into the restaurant, overlooking the bar and room). Bummer! :-(

  3. Culinary permalink
    01-Apr-2005 10:48 am

    Hi Viv!There were 3 bloggers, Kate, Molly and I, and guests. One person arrived at 7:00 and so I know we were there until at least 8:00. We were at the tables by the window so I\’m not sure why they couldn\’t find us… Thanks for the thought, though! Hopefully we\’ll see you next time! B

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