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Make Your Own Peeps?


I have to admit that I love those sugary mounds-of-nothingness, Peeps!  And look – now we can make our own!  I’ve been excited to see that they are appearing at more and more holidays, not just Easter, but now I can make them any time I want!  Hmmm, they might lose their novelty though….


DailyCandy – Peep Hole
The most resilient of treats, Peeps can withstand extreme temperatures and have a shelf life of fourteen years. Though made of sugar, they don’t dissolve in water. Now you hold the key to these mystical confections. How? With the Peeps Marshmallow Maker, a DIY kit revolutionizing the way mallow is delivered to the masses. The set comes with a mixer, molds, two marshmallow mixes, and packets of the trademarked neon crystallized sugar. In just minutes, you’ll be cranking out factory-quality chicks, bunnies, hearts, and stars. For piles of Peeps in a jiffy, enlist the neighbors’ kids and start an assembly line.

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  1. PATRICIA permalink
    23-Mar-2005 9:14 am

    Thanks for the link to peep candy – I signed on – I would never have found it if it wasn\’t for your blog. Thanks again. and Happy peep making.

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