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No-Update Update on Plugra at Trader Joe’s


I haven’t had much success checking out the status of Plugra at Trader Joe’s here in the Seattle area.  The last response I received when I asked a clerk if they were going to quit carrying Plugra (as I was buying several pounds of it!) was, "Hmm.  I don’t know but it would make sense since we often quit carrying products."  Not exactly a satisfying remark either way!  Anyway, I’ll probably be stopping by a different location later this week so we’ll see if they have anything more interesting to say. :-)

Update Update:  Been meaning to add this for some time… bad me!  In Seattle, I haven’t seen Plugra on the shelves for some time.  There is now a "Trader Joes’s European Style" butter offering, however.  Since I stocked up on Plugra a bit ago I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but knowing Trader Joe’s it’s probably a good substitute. 

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  1. atrecess permalink
    04-Feb-2011 1:39 pm

    In responce to the Seattle folk who are searching for Plugra butter. I was able to track it down in Olympia – It can be purchased there for a reasonable price at Albertsons (less than $3 a half pound – at least for now.
    In Front Royal VA it can be purchased at Food Lion (relatively priced). This butter is distinctive and worth the search.

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