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Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks – Tempe


After we had finished touring the Botanical Gardens we had a little time before we needed to get to the airport.  We had been talking about ice cream all weekend and now seemed the prefect time to find something to quench our craving. 

We zipped down to Tempe to see what they had to offer.  Being a college town, we thought  chances were good that we’d find some sort of good ice cream place.  We did a quick tour of the main street that runs along campus and nothing jumped out.  Then we noticed Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks just a block off the main drag.  We decided to check it out. 

We both ordered a chocolate shake.  These weren’t the best shakes I’ve ever had but they were darn good.  Made with good vanilla ice cream and mixed with chocolate sauce they were rich and creamy like a shake should be.  They were even served with a spoon, as well as a straw!  And they were BIG shakes.  I couldn’t finish mine, although teeny-tiny M didn’t have a problem! :-) 

We paid our bill, said adieu to Tempe and to Phoenix in general and took ourselves to the airport.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s trip! 

Islands – Tempe
730 S. Mill Ave
Building H, Suite 104
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: (480) 929-9769


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