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Le Panier


Another of my favorite places in The Market is Le Panier.  This shop opened soon after I moved to Seattle so I’ve been shopping here for many years and I am happy to report it grows better with age.  Le Panier is a combination boulangerie and patisserie and they have a good selection of breads and pastries.  One thing that I really like about the shop, though, is that they actually keep the selections fairly limited.  They really focus on a few things and do them to perfection. 

I purchase mostly breads and barely a week goes by that I don’t get at lease a baguette or demi-baguette from the shop.  Yesterday, I decided to go with the pain à l’oignon.  Yum!

This savory, versatile bread can be used in so many ways.  The first thing I did with it was to make a few croûtons for a Caesar salad to accompany my Black Cod last night.  (Okay, that’s a lie.  The very first thing I did with it, was cut a slice as soon as I got home and eat it naked – the bread that is…) This morning I toasted a couple slices, buttered them and ate them along with an egg over easy and some sausage.  What a great way to start the day!  Later I may make a tuna sandwich with it, or go for simple slices with cheese and wine.  You just can’t go wrong.  I even think it might be good with peanut butter and jelly!  :-) Oh I know!  I think I’ll try it with a little Rondele and Apricot Jam.  I bet that will be great!


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