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Taste the Nation – Seattle


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Taste the Nation in Seattle is fast approaching!  The date for this year’s event is Sunday May 15th.  I know that seems like months away but it really is never too early to start planning for this wonderful event. 

Taste the Nation is sponsored by Share our Strength.  In their own words:

Share Our Strength is a national nonprofit that inspires and organizes individuals and businesses to share their strengths to help end hunger. We raise funds in innovative ways — from holding volunteer-led special events across the country to developing cause-related marketing ventures and corporate partnerships.  

Taste the Nation is in it’s 18th year, this year!  I’m not positive if Seattle has participated the entire time but I believe I’ve been attending (as often as possible) for the last ten years or so. 

I try to support the organizations that do something with food here in Seattle. I feel that with food being the most basic need it just isn’t something people should do without, no matter what the reason they can’t purchase their own.  I believe that people have a hard time bettering their situation if they don’t have this most basic requirement.  And, obviously, I have an interest in food so it’s a good fit for me. 

In the past, I’ve sponsored a couple of Northwest Harvest "work days", where a group of my friends and I spend three or so hours at the Northwest Harvest warehouse sorting or packing food.  After we’re done I bring them all to my house and feed them! :-)  I also volunteer for events that benefit Farestart, another great organization that I’ll talk more about in the future.  Taste the Nation will benefit both organizations, as well as other organizations in the area.  All money raised from the Seattle event stays here and supports local organizations. 

Now the really cool thing about this event is that it is really fun, you get little bites from all the great restaurants (what Bite of Seattle should be) and wine, liquor, coffee, tea, etc.  So while doing something really great for the community, you are getting a great entertainment value!  What a deal!  Here is the list of participants. (And you should know that all these people donate everything so your contribution really makes a difference.)

And, as an added bonus, quite a lot of the ticket price is tax deductible.   Over the next few months I’ll be talking more about this event but I encourage you to take a look at the site and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW

I decided to step up my involvement this year and I PURCHASED A TABLE for the event!  I am very excited.  I’m now recruiting friends to join me and nearly have my table of 12 full!  The table will be decked out with the "CULINARY FOOL" name.  Buy your ticket and then stop by and say hello! 

Update 4/1:  For details on a fun event put together for some table captains check out my "Iron Chef" Seattle entry. 


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