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12th Dinner Club: Burgundy – Menu & Recipes


November 2004

For our final 2004 meeting, V was host and chose Burgundy for our theme.  Similar to last month, she was hoping to focus on the foods of the region like Beef Bourguignon, Dijon Mustard.  At our October 2004 meeting she talked about what she pictured and then sent us on our way!

Burgundy Menu:

Appetizer:  Creme d’Asperges
Cocktail:  Kir
Main: Gigot of Rabbit with Mustard and Onions
Side:  Gratin de terre, Pommes et Poires and Choufleur au Gratin
Salad:  Fresh Greens with Wine Vinegar-Dijon Vinaigrette
Dessert:  Cheese Course

12th Dinner Club:  Burgundy – Summary



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