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Citrus Hint


This isn’t exactly a recipe, it’s more of a hint but either way I thought you might find it useful. 

In the winter, when citrus fruits are plentiful and taste better than other times of year I buy bunches of it, juice it and then freeze the juice for use later in the year. 

Normally, I just use ice cube trays to make individual cubes and then group the cubes in freezer bags.  I find that it’s helpful to measure how much is in each cube and make a note of that on the bag.  I have one tray that makes cubes that are approximately 1 ounce and others that are more like 2/3 of an ounce. 

These can come in very handy in a number of ways.  As you know, squirting fresh lime or lemon juice over a dish just before serving can often brighten the dish.  The cubes can be defrosted and used to make lemon or limeade, or they can be left frozen and tossed in the blender as a base for frozen drinks.  And, of course, many recipes call for just 1 or 2 Tbsp of fresh juice which is easy to get by defrosting just one or two cubes.  Once you have them, you’ll find the uses are pretty much endless. 

Remember to date the bag, indicate what’s in it (lime and lemon can look deceptively similar when you’re in a hurry!), and note the measurement of the cubes. 


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