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Puff Pastry Class


Tuesday night I attended the Puff Pastry class at Sur la Table in Kirkland.  The instructors were the mother-daughter team of Gwen Bassetti and Piper Davis, owners of The Grand Central Baking Company and Laurie, one of the bakers from the Portland Grand Centrals.  Grand Central started in Seattle in 1972.  They were the first artisan bread shop in the area.  They have one store here and an additional three locations in Portland, OR.

This class was described as the "professional baker’s easy way to create puff pastry".  Now that sounded intriguing to me.  Although I have no qualms about buying frozen puff pastry, knowing a quick and easy way to make it on my own would be fun. 

I have to tell you that this class delivered as promised.  In a two hour period, we listened to the presentation, made two batches of the Puff Pastry (at each table), divided each batch into 3 sections, rolled each section 3 times, sampled sweet and savory tarts that had been made earlier and then took home our own section to bake into something yummy later.  We even had a 15 minute break in the middle of it all. And it all seemed effortless.  Really!

I asked if they were taking this class on the road – I was hoping that some of you might have a chance to check it out at a Sur la Table near you!  Unfortunately that was not to be the case.  HOWEVER, the recipe is available on their site!  How lucky for you! :-)

Flaky Puff Pastry –

Update Feb 20th:  I noticed that they left one step out in the recipe.  After the dough has been mixed, divide it into 3 portions of approximately 10 oz each.  Then continue as instructed.  The smaller portions are easier to work with and each makes one shell. 

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