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I love when different parts of my life or different interests come together.  It’s another gorgeous day here in Seattle and I was just out on my deck.  It’s on the south side of my house so even when it’s not technically warm it often feels very warm there.  Anyway, I’ve written about my herbs in past entries but I’ve never mentioned that I also happen to really like birds.  One of my favorites is the hummingbird (isn’t it everyone’s?).  The little balls of energy completely amaze me!  One of my favorite sights is when "my" hummingbirds come down and feed from whatever herbs are in bloom.  Today the miniature bomber has been spending a lot of time buzzing around the rosemary, which is in full bloom.  It makes me smile.

Additionally, I was taking fruit and vegetable scraps out to my compost pile a little earlier and happened to notice how many worms I have this year.  (This is a good thing for those of you not familiar with compost!) I’m very excited as I will have good compost this year.  Last year no one could believe how tall my tomato plants grew and how many tomatoes were on them.  Especially because I cram them into a little bed and in an area where I have planted tomatoes for many years in a row. (Which is not good, as they really deplete the soil.  You should really rotate other crops each year.)  Why did they do so well?  Because in the spring I prepared the planting bed with my compost and the tomatoes loved it!   If the weather holds I’ll have a bounty of tomatoes again this year! :-)


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