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New Year’s Resolutions


I was  getting caught up on the postings on The Recipe Collector’s site and came across a link to a set of Food Resolutions. I thought they were really great and decided to post them here (with a few comments…). For the full article check out the link above. 

1. Resolve to cook something completely new. Take any cookbook, close your eyes, open it to a random page, and cook the dish that appears there. If it’s a rich dessert, you peeked. Try again. If you picked a dessert cookbook, you’re incorrigible; go on to Resolution No. 10. <I had made a similar resolution, except not to do it with my eyes closed!  Instead I want to cook at least one new thing from each of my cookbooks and I have over 50, not including the Cocktail books!>

2. Resolve to take a photo of a dish you cooked, and pretend it’s for the cover of Gourmet magazine. This will encourage doing something really dramatic or unusual, and it will make some feel less like a slave to their partners’ conventions. <Since starting this blog, I’ve realized just how poor my digital photos are.  So, I want to get better – first with the old camera I have and at some point with a new camera.>

3. Resolve to grow a new herb in the garden. Pick one that’s a perennial so it won’t die off depressingly in the winter: rosemary, sage, thyme, winter savory.
Alternately, grow an herb in a pot indoors. Chia pets with parsley hair do not count.
<As you may know from my Herbs post, this one is a no brainer for me, but I encourage others to try it out.)

4. Resolve to make friends with a new fruit or vegetable with an unusual name. Yucca is not a four-letter word. Red banana is not an oxymoron. And Belgian endive need not be pronounced “on-deeve,” except by the exceedingly pretentious. Also resolve not to cook for that queen. <I sort of do this but not so well that once I try something that I think to include it in future recipes, so that will be my goal.>

5. Resolve to buy an interesting cooking tool, or to replace at least one junky utensil with a really good, classy one: a heavy stainless spatula, a solid maple rolling pin, a marble mortar and pestle. Don’t get too artsy. A silver bejeweled lemon zester is only appropriate for the ex-Czarina of Russia, and you’re not cooking for that queen either. <This has to be someone’s resolution??>

6. Resolve to make one thing from scratch that usually comes in a bottle, box or can: mayonnaise, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, chicken soup, cheesecake, salsa.
Libraries boast shelves of cookbooks on end, and the Internet offers thousands of sites to help overcome culino-phobia.

7. Don’t resolve to never eat junk food again; that just sets you up for self-recrimination. Instead, set aside some junk food days to indulge in the sins of slutty food.

8. Resolve to regularly buy one food marked “organic,” even if it’s just a carrot or cucumber. Buying organic supports a movement and makes a statement, and it’s just as important to make a culinary statement as it is to make a fashion statement. <Support your local Farmer’s Markets!>

9. Occasionally go meatless. Remember that it takes about 16 pounds of grain to raise 1 pound of beef. Eat more grain, and let the animals remain bucolic for another day.

10. Resolve to cook more and microwave less. With hectic schedules, it sometimes seems like cooking is a waste of time. But if eating can bring us together, so can cooking.

Invite family and friends to a communal cooking event, and enjoy preparing what sustains us for life.

Please feel free to share your resolutions, too!  B

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