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Iron Chef America Series Premiers Tonight!


I was never a big fan of the original series but mostly because of the voiceovers and the lack of familiarity with the chefs.  Last year they did a little trial version of America versus the original Japanese chefs and I guess it went over pretty well, as now we have our own version

The fun part of these shows are the interviews they do with the chefs, as you can kind of see their minds working as they plan and prepare the meal based on the "secret ingredient".  I also love to see the food presented at then end – the creativity can be astounding. 

If you can’t catch the show tonight (in conflict with the Golden Globes in my time zone) I think they are repeating them late on Wednesday nights.  And this is the Food Network – they’ll show up a few more times, too.  :-) 

Tonight’s show should be good – it’s Bobby Flay versus Rick Bayless

Update Jan 19:  I thought the show was a lot of fun, although I was flipping back and forth to the Golden Globes.  The secret ingredient was buffalo, which lent itself to both chefs’ cuisine.  Bobby’s presentations were especially beautiful.  This Sunday it’s Batali versus Roberto Trevino.  I am not familiar with Trevino but he sounds like someone to follow. 

  1. Thomas permalink
    17-Jan-2005 3:54 pm

    I watched Iron Chef America last night and really enjoyed it. Like you I am not a huge fan of the original series for many of the same reasons. But mostly I never find the food they make very appealling. They come up with some weird dishes. Maybe I just don\’t know or appreciate \’real\’ Japanese food. I am a big fan of Mexican and Southwest cooking, so last nights show was right up my alley. I also really enjoyed the commentary of both Alton Brown and Kevin Brauch. Although Kevin needs to do a little homework on his pronunciations. He really butchered some names. All in all I give the show high marks. I was thoroughly entertained. I just started my own blog, it is called,\’I Love The Napa Valley\’. Please check it out and make comments and suggestions. The address is like yours but substitute \’ilovenapa\’ for culinaryfool.Thanks,Tom

  2. Culinary permalink
    22-Jan-2005 10:55 am

    Hi Tom!I checked out your site and especially liked your info about places to eat and stay in the Napa Valley. I haven\’t been in that area for several years and had been thinking that it would be good to get back down there. Your site could be a great help in planning a trip. I suggest you use categories for your entries to help those who want to get specific types of info from your blog. Good Luck with your house search! ~ B

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