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6th Dinner Club – “A Hunting We Will Go” Menu & Recipes


November 2003

As I mentioned in the entry for the 5th meeting both R and I seemed to have a similar idea about the theme for the last meeting and this one.  After hearing her theme and seeing what the others ended up doing, I decided to go ahead and stick with my theme.  I thought there was still room for a slightly different interpretation and I really wanted to cook venison! :-)  So this was to be a "hunter-gatherer" type meal.

Not too far from my house is a place that sells all kinds of meat.  Appropriately enough it is called Seattle Exotic Meats.  They do most of their business via the Internet but they have this little shop where they demo their wares on Saturday afternoons.  I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me several years to actually make my way into the shop, but I’m glad I finally did.  The people are very friendly and really want you to be successful with anything you try so they will provide you with all kinds of advice and recipes. 

And for this meeting we had a guest! M’s mom was in town (from San Francisco) so she joined us for the evening.  It was really nice to have a guest and M’s mom is really a sweet lady – I just love her!

Here was the menu for this meeting: 

For Dinner Summary see:  6th Dinner Club – "A Hunting We Will Go"


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