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ZigZag Cafe


If you appreciate a finely made, handcrafted cocktail you owe it to yourself to check out the ZigZag Cafe.  While it can be a little challenging to find the first time, once you know where it is you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get to and wonder why you haven’t been there before. 

The ZigZag is located on the steps of the Pike Place Hillclimb.  If you are on Western Ave on the hill below the market, look for the Kasala store.  Head down the steps to the 2nd landing.  First you’ll see El Puerco Lloron (some of the best Mexican food in town) on the left side of the landing.  Look to your right and you’ll notice a little patio and a door leading into the ZigZag. 

Here you will find a crescent shaped bar (perfect for checking out who is sitting at the other end!) and Murray, Seattle’s premier bartender.    Each cocktail is expertly and lovingly crafted.  Watching Murray is like watching a great artist at work.  Once you’ve been in a time or two Murray will understand your tastes and preferences and you can rely on him to suggest drinks that will fit you to a tee.  In fact, even on your first visit if you tell him a little about what you normally drink he can suggest something with amazing accuracy.  One of my favorite things to do is to walk in and ask, "Murray, what should I have tonight?".  I’ve been treated to all kinds of cocktails that I would never have known to ask for on my own. 

For those of you who have been around Seattle for some time you may remember Murray from his days at Il Bistro or the (now closed) Duke’s on Queen Anne. 

In addition to Murray you will often find Kacy, one of the owners, helping out behind the bar.  Kacy is also a great bartender and is an expert on rum – ask him about it sometime.  I also occasionally run into Ben, the other owner, but I haven’t dealt with him as often – it might just be that my choice of days does not correspond with the days he most often works. 

Anyway, give the ZigZag a try – you’ll be happy you did!



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