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Food Network Tour of NY City


I don’t know about you, but most of my friends have full time jobs. When I decided to take some time off in between jobs I discovered that although I had lots of time to do all kinds of things I didn’t always have someone to do it with! Although I’ve kept pretty busy with all kinds of little projects there are days I find myself watching TV – something I rarely do when working. My favorite channel is the Food Network and I’ve come to “know” many of the chefs. I have several favorites. The only thing that keeps me from being truly addicted to their shows is that they actually record a fairly small number of them and then those shows are played over and over. No matter how cute Tyler Florence is, I can only watch him show a single woman how to make interesting meals for one so many times! :-)

I haven’t been to Manhattan for some time and I’ve been thinking it’s time to get back. Several of the Food Network Chefs have places in New York. And I think, since I’ve made so many “friends” with those chefs, I may try to visit some of their restaurants while I’m there. Sort of a Food Network tour of NY City! I’d love to hear your ideas about where to go or experiences with any of these places. Keeping in mind that I normally visit for a long weekend (3 or 4 days), I’m hoping to visit 3 to 5 places. Here’s a bit about what I’ve been thinking:

Since I’ve already mentioned Tyler Florence, I’ll just start there. He’s been at several great restaurants in NY and was most recently at Cafeteria, although I do not believe he’s involved there any longer. Rumor has it that he was going to open a new place – I was thinking it was going to be this last fall but I haven’t heard or seen anything. I’d love any ideas or information about Mr. Florence’s whereabouts!

I didn’t start out being drawn to Bobby Flay but he has grown on me over time. I love grilled food and it’s pretty amazing how he manages to grill entire meals (sometimes including the salad). Bobby has two places in New York, Mesa Grill and Bolo. Maybe I can hit one for lunch and one for dinner.

Anthony Bourdain actually drives me crazy much of the time yet I like to see the places he travels. In NY he is at Les Halles, which is world renowned so I guess he knows what he’s doing!

Mario Batali has several places in NY. Babbo is the flagship, but he also has Lupa, Italian Wine Merchants, Esca, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Casa Mono and Bar Jamon. Casa Mono and Bar Jamon are fairly new and I’d love any insight anyone has on those two places. Mario was originally from the Seattle area and his dad owns Salumi, a place I frequent as often as possible!

I think I’d like to try Union Pacific and check out Rocco DiSpirito. Even after the failure of his new place and the bad reviews around the TV show that chronicled the opening, I think I’d like this place.

And finally, being a chef groupie of sorts, I’ve heard the place to go for chef sightings is the Blue Ribbon in Soho.  Has anyone seen anyone interesting there or anywhere else?

If you can’t make it to NY, I’ve noticed that many of these chefs (and others!) are opening places in Las Vegas. And many of them have cookbooks or sell products they’ve developed. No matter where you live you can have a NY experience ~

Let me know what you think or recommend places for me! Thanks! B

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Anthony Bourdain

Bobby Flay

Mario Batali

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