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Queen City Grill


I had to think twice about posting this entry.  I love Queen City Grill and I spend a significant amount of time there.  It wasn’t the recommendation I had to think twice about but instead the impact a recommendation might make.  It’s already a pretty bustling place – do I really want to potentially add to that by posting a glowing review?  Not really, but I’m going to chance it anyway!

When M and I first starting doing more things together QC was one of our first stops, so we’ve been going there for years now and pretty much on a weekly basis.  Since then, R has also become kind of a regular and V can often be found at the place next door, The Frontier Room, although I’m not sure she ever actually eats there! :-)

The ambience in the QC is welcoming – wood floors and booths, exposed brick, large windows that open out to Blanchard St and have views of Puget Sound.  The most welcoming part, though, are the people who work there.  Whether a first timer or a regular you are greeted with enthusiasm by one of the many friendly bartenders or servers.  And, if you show up on a regular basis that greeting could well include a hug or at the very least a hearty handshake along with a "Good to see you!". 

The menu has a nice selection so that you can find something for any taste.  QC leans towards seafood but has one of the best burgers in town and the Braised Meat and Grilled Chop of the Day are ALWAYS heavenly.  I wouldn’t say the food is outstanding – it doesn’t seek to amaze you –  but more that it is truly excellent on an ongoing basis.  If you go on a regular basis, it becomes your definition of soul-satisfying comfort food. 

I can recommend several items on the menu but I don’t really think you can go wrong with anything. If you go in, ask your server what they think is good that day.  Their recommendations are always great.  They can alert you to anything that is especially good that day – whether the it’s a beautiful piece of fresh salmon or a fragrant, hearty lamb shank or the delicate oyster of the day. 

Last night M and I split oysters on the half shell, caesar salad, and a perfectly grilled (medium-rare, thank you!) filet mignon with wild mushroom sauce served with grilled carrots and mashed potatoes.  I came home and slept like a baby.  Because that’s what comfort food can do for you.


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