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Crow Restaurant


R and I checked out Crow Restaurant a couple nights ago.  It opened this summer and is on the SE side of Queen Anne – just down the block from Tower Records.  We sat at the bar and had a couple appetizers and cocktails.  The appetizers were yummy!  We had the manchego cheese wrapped in grape leaves and then grilled until the leaves are crispy and the cheese oozing; the wedge of iceberg lettuce with bleu cheese dressing (simple but always a favorite); and a plate of cured meats (from Salumi – how can you go wrong?).  They made a great light meal. 

Along with our meal we tried the house special drink – Blood of Crows, Death by Crow, something rather gruesome sounding so I’ve put it out of my mind, I guess – sounds bad, tastes good!  It was basically a lemon drop with Creme de Cassis.  The cassis sinks to the bottom of the martini glass to form a beautiful two-tone drink. 

Some of the reviews have not been entirely favorable but we liked it and would go back again.  The only drawback, we thought, was that the bartender could have been a bit more personable, as a good bartender should be.  However, that may have been due to the fact that he was not only serving the bar but handling all the dining room drink orders.  Not necessarily a good formula for engaging and conversing with customers. 


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