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Cooking Club Schedule


February 2003

So here’s how we decided to set up the schedule and the responsibilities. 

The host will choose a theme or menu, select a main dish and be responsible for wine.  Then, each of the rest of us be assigned one of the following:

  • Appetizer and cocktails
  • Salad
  • Side dish
  • Dessert

We’ve set up a website using MSN Groups where we will post recipes, use the calendar to track our meeting dates, use the message boards for communications and I’ll post pictures after the events. 

Here’s the schedule for 2003:

        Jan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov

Main     B       V        M       K       R     B

App      V       M        K       R       B     *

Salad    M       K        R       B       V     *

Side     K       R        B       V       M     *

Dessert  R       B        V       M       K     *

When we get to November we will make some changes that I’ll explain at a later date. 


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