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Dine Out Seattle for Haiti‏

As is par for the course, the Seattle restaurant community rallies again to support a cause.  This time it’s the relief effort in Haiti. 
I received this email today and in the interest of time I’m just going to publish it as is: 

On my own personal initiative I am working on raising money for Haiti and I really need your help.  I am quickly organizing a Dine Out Seattle Night on Sunday January 24th to support the emergency relief efforts in Haiti.  I am reaching out to many of the local restaurants in Seattle asking them to donate a percentage of the night’s proceeds towards a group donation to NetHope – (or the organization of their choice).  For restaurants that are not open on January 24th, I am suggesting that they elect another night and still be included in the list of participating restaurants.  I have been in direct contact with NetHope and they are so thankful for anything we can do.
It would be great to get your help in raising awareness for this night – please help.

To date, I’m happy to say that Quinn’s, Restaurant Zoe, Dinette, Le Gourmand, La Rustica have all agreed to participate.  It’s certainly a great start, but I need more support and your help in raising awareness would make such a difference.

I hope you can help spread the word!  <phone number removed, as I wasn’t sure that should be publicly shared>.

Best regards,
Monica Mendoza


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