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Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’ve been making Chocolate Chip Cookies for well over 25 years.  They were the first thing my Mom taught me to make and the first thing she let me make on my own.

I love making them because they are so familiar and I get into the little rhythm that comes with doing something you love and that has become a part of you. 

I’ve been craving cookies for a couple weeks and holding off making them because once I make them, well, I eat them.  You know?  But last night I finally gave in and whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

They are the worst cookies I’ve ever made in my life!  How did that happen?? They are edible and not really that bad, but just not the perfect cookies I normally make.  They look like they might be a batch made be a novice!  I might have to re-think everything I take for granted.  I mean if I can screw up chocolate chip cookies there’s no telling what else could go wrong in my life!  :-)

  1. Unknown permalink
    07-May-2005 3:21 pm

    CF!You make the statement, "If I can screw up chocolate chip cookies there\’s no telling what else could go wrong in my life!"To the contrary! I think that if you look at it mathematically, you\’ll find that screwing-up chocolate chip cookies is quite a positive omen. Let me explain.The invention of chocolate chip cookies was, in itself, a colossal screw-up. The baker at the Toll House Inn intended to make chocolate cookies and decided to cut corners by chopping the chocolate rather than melting it. It didn\’t work. That which she later pulled out of the oven was, technically, a failure–the fully-baked cookies were speckled with chips of chocolate…rather than being chocolate through-and-through. [At least, that\’s the way the story was portrayed in that Nestlé commercial from the 1980\’s. I\’m certainly not going to research this stuff!] Fast forward to May 6, 2005. Culinary Fool screws up a cookie recipe that was a screw-up in the first place. In other words, we have a negative and a negative.And what do we get when we multiply two negative fractions? A positive!Congratulations, CF! Something very positive looms on your horizon. And you owe it all to that lousy batch of chocolate chip cookies that you baked last night.Sincerely,Sr. VTBPS: Besides…"imperfect" chocolate chip cookies are better than no cookies at all. Whenever I make them, we end up eating the whole batch before they even reach the oven.

  2. Culinary permalink
    08-May-2005 6:56 am

    Thanks for that inspiring story and the vote of confidence, Sal! :-) You know when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Or, more appropriately, when life give you ugly cookies eat \’em anyway – they\’re still cookies! I made a pretty good dent in them yesterday so I guess they\’ll do in a pinch! CuFo

  3. peggy permalink
    12-May-2005 11:52 am

    Hi,After reading about your chocolate chip cookies, I decided you might be the age to join us 50\’s people.Come to my space and see the list.

  4. Culinary permalink
    12-May-2005 1:19 pm

    Hi Gentle Breeze!Thanks for stopping by and for your kind offer. Unfortunately, (phew!) I don\’t quite qualify yet! And although I\’m not concerned about 50 I see no need to rush it, either! :-) I started baking at a really young age – my Mom was great at encouraging my interests. And being the oldest sibling, it paid off for her in the long run! I graduated from baking cookies to making dinners (assisting and then on my own) in pretty short order, which allowed her time with the younger ones. I always loved it and since that\’s where I got my start I think it was a good deal all around! ~ B

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